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Basketball players and Boxers Basketball player can make up to 40 million a year and boxers on the other hand can earn more than a few million a fight.

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Q: What professional sport pays the most money?
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Which professional sport pays the most money?


What sport pays there players the most money?

Baseball pays the most money but they are trying to find Asians instead of African Americans or Caucasians

What professional baseball team pays the most money to recruit them?


What pro sport pays the most money basketball or baseball?

Probably baseball

What sport pays the umpires the most?

i thinks it is sport

Baseball or football which sport pays the most money?

BAseball by a lot!

Which sport pays its athletes the most?


Which sports pays more money?

soccer pays the most

How much money does a professional athlete make a year?

It depends on how much money the team pays the player

What substance net recycles the most money?

Aluminum pays the most money. However, recycling gold pays pretty well. :)

Which sport pays their athletes the most?

MLB (Major League Baseball)

What professional sport pays most football or baseball?

I'm not sure if you're American (USA) or not, but when you say football do you mean American football or Soccer? Either way football pays more then baseball because it's a more spread out and more popular sport throughout the world than baseball is. Hope this helps.

What pro sports pays most?

IT depens how you are that sport if your really bad you might not get enough

What US state pays its governor the most money?

California pays its governor the most ;D $206500 a year... I just found out that PA pays its Gonernor the most of any state and not California!!

What state pays emt's the most money?

I have heard Nevada, but I also looked up on the Internet and Alaska, apparently pays their EMTs the most.

Which job pays you the most money?

I think doctors and surgeons get payed the most worldwide.

What veterinarian job pays the most money?

1000 dollars a year

What is the cost to outfit a professional hockey player and who pays for it?

allot and there sponsor pays for it

Which sport pays the highest salary?


What sport pays more?

I think the highest paying sport would have to be golf.

Which Marathon pays the most prize money?

Dubai Marathon$250K for the winner

What sport pays its players the most?

i think football or soccor ANSWER: I think, it's basketball, football, boxing and golf..

Which sport pays the highest player salaries?


What sport pays the highest salaries?

Probably football

What Tennis Grand Slam pays the most prize money 2009?

Australian Open.