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depends on the sport, but in most cases where both genders compete its the male who earns the most

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Q: Which makes more money pre year male sport or female sport?
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Is snowboarding a male and a female sport?


Is volleyball both a male and female sport?

In many countries, such as Puerto Rico, volleyball is a male and female sport. Also, in some parts of the United States, they have male and female volleyball teams.

What makes a female a female and what makes a male a male?

A male has a penis and a female has a vagina. More specifically, the sex of an individual is determined by its gene. Male = XY chromosomes, Female = XX chromosomes.

Why female play male sports?

because if a female is very good at the sport then that female might join male sports and because females might want to play that that sport

Is karate a boy sport?

No, karate is a unisex sport. It is made for both male and female.

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male cas lots of pubs and los of sport

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A female horse and male donkey makes a mule.

What is the chromosome pair for a female and male?

The chromosome pair that makes a female is XX and for a male, XY.

What makes a baby male or female?

The father.

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the male ! The female is totaly silent, only the male makes noise. Out of the males the Australian Cicada is the loudest of them all

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You don't make a male dog, the male and female breed and then the body makes the pups into either male or female

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Male tiger, female lion makes a Tigon.

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A male horse and a female donkey.

What is responsible for the sex of male and female offspring?

The sex chromosomes, X and Y. Having two X's makes you female, and an X and Y makes you a male.

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yes baseball is both male and female course

Why is male sport more popular than female?

woman should be in the kitchen

Can i have male and female ocicats and male and female toygers and male and female boxers and male and female doberman?

Whether or not you can have male and female ocicats, male and female toygers, male and female boxers and a male and female doberman will depend on where you live. There are rules as to how many pets can be in one home in many places. It will also depend on how much money you have. It will be expensive to care for so many pets.

What causes a female to be a female and a male to be a male?

Their DNA. Sex is decided by chromosomes from the male at fertilization. if you are wondering what "officially" makes a female a female, it's DNA and ability to reproduce per authorities.

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No the male camel drinks milk and the Female camel makes milk.

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it is the male and female that make the nest. if there is only a male then it may be harder to build a bigger nest.

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the male betta fish makes the nest.

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The fusion of the male and female gametes

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It makes babies.