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Rugby is the largest played and most popular organised sport in NZ but Golf and fishing have more participants.

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Q: What sport do people in New Zealand play?
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What sport did new zealand children play in the 1920s?


What does rugby mean to new zealand?

It is the national sport and the people of New Zealand are very passionate about it.

How many New Zealand kids play sport?

it is 5000 kids

In which sport does Australia play New Zealand for the Bledisole Cup?


In which sport does Australia play New Zealand for the Bledisloe Cup?

Rugby Union

How does Australian sport link to New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand are competitors in sport.

What sport does the New Zealand All Blacks play?

The 'All Blacks' play rugby. It is the nickname used by the New Zealand men's national rugby union team.

What sport does Steven Adams play?

Steven Adams is a basketball player from New Zealand.

How many people play rugby in New Zealand?

Rugby Union is NZ second most popular sport Rugby League is fourth.

What is the most popular organized sport among young people in New Zealand?


How many people in new zealand play a instrument?


Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

What sport did Adam parore play?

Cricket. He represented New Zealand on and off from 1990 till 2002.

What is a sport played in both New Zealand and Mexico?

Both countries play lots of soccer football.

What new zealands popular sport?

Rugby is New Zealand most popular sport. The All Blacks is the rugby team that represents New Zealand

What is New Zealand favourite sport?


Why is cricket the national sport of New Zealand?

It isn't, Rugby is considered the national sport of New Zealand probably because they are very good at it.

How many people play netball in new zealand?

2 play neka ryder

What sport did bevan congdon play?

Bevan Congdon is a New Zealand Cricketer who has played 61 test matches.

What British sports are played in New Zealand?

The answere is rugby it is the most popular sport in new zealand

What is New Zealand's most played sport?


What is the main sport in New Zealand?

Rugby Union

Which sport was invented in New Zealand?

bungy jumping

Which sport is not popular in New Zealand?

Hand Ball

What is a sport not played in New Zealand?

Bull fighting