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The following NFL players were born in Sacramento CA:

Justin Bannan DT

Jackie Bates DB

Kevin Bowman WR

Jim Breech K

Lance Briggs LB

Steve Brown DB

Mike Burke P

James Campen C

Rae Carruth WR

Kevin Clark DB

Erik Coleman DB

Jerry DeLoach DE

Ralph DeLoach DE

Kyle DeVan C

Malcom Floyd WR

Tracy Franz G

Scott Galbraith TE

John Giannoni E

Leland Glass WR

Spencer Havner LB

Gary Hoffman T

Sean LaChapelle WR

Keith Lewis DB

Charles Mann DE

Trevor Matich C

Marcus McCauley DB

Marlon Moore WR

Bill Munson QB

Darrin Nelson RB

Herman O'Berry DB

Chris Oldham DB

Bob Otto DE

Chad Overhauser T

James Owens RB

Mike Patterson DT

Eason Ramson TE

Tom Rehder T

Ricky Reynolds DB

Greg L. Robinson T

Reggie Rogers DE

Ken Rose LB

Scott Ross LB

Jason Sehorn DB

Mike Slaton DB

Onterrio Smith RB

Donte Stallworth WR

Anthony Steels RB

Sean Thomas DB

Syd'Quan Thompson DB

Jerry Traynham K

Alex Van Dyke WR

Chris Verhulst TE

C.J. Wallace DB

Seneca Wallace QB

Derek Ware TE

Paris Warren WR

Damen Wheeler DB

Gerald Willhite RB

Kevin Willhite RB

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Jason Kidd. Paul pierce. Leon powe. Gary Payton. And more

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Q: What professional athletes were born in Sacramento?
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