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Off the cuff I have to say running back usually do. I play a lot of fantasy football. The backs usually get more touchdowns than the recievers do. They touch the ball more often than an individual receiver as well. When you decide to go to a running play, you have a very limited number of running backs who will touch the ball (Exception is on the rare reverse plays where a receiver will run the ball) , but when you run a passing play there are any number of recievers, tight encs, and even the running back who will be targeted. Also when the ball gets close to the goal line running plays are usually the bread and butter.

The general answer here is running back.

But.... you have to take into account the team the players are playing on as well.

If it is a team like the patriots, the recievers are the big time goal scorers. Randy Moss was the leading scorer on the team.

Other teams have a questionable passing game and the backs score all the points, e.g. the Miami Dolphins. Cleo Lemon was an inexperienced QB with a young and unorganized receiving corps, but Ronnie Brown before he was injured was tearing up the field and scoring big time points. After he went down his backup went down.

So even though the vague answer would be running back, there are other aspects to take into account.

A quick fix to my answer above, besides the various speeling errors. I meant after Ronnie Brown went down his back up did fairly well on the ground also.

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Wide receiver

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Q: What position can score more touchdowns a wide receiver or a running back?
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