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Q: Which players in offense never score touchdowns?
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What does the offense do in football?

run the ball and catch it and take it to the in zonePass The Ball, Run The Ball, Score Touchdowns

How many touchdowns did the Pittsburgh Steelers score in 2003?

In 2003, the Steelers offense scored 29 touchdowns (19 passing, 10 rushing). Their defense also returned two interceptions for touchdowns.

Who were the Syracuse university players to score Super Bowl touchdowns?

Larry Csonka, Joe Morris

How many touchdowns did Aaron Rodgers score?

Well , Aaron Rodger's score 16 touchdowns in his football career

What year did Emmitt Smith score a then record of 25 touchdowns?

Emmitt Smith scored 25 touchdowns in 1995.

How many touchdowns did wesley lancaster score last season?

88 total touchdowns

Who has score the most touchdowns?

Ladanian Tomlinson

What school has produced the most players to score Super Bowl touchdowns?

According to the Rivals website, the "U" has had the most with nine. Next closest has 6.

Why are wide receivers so attractive?

They are 'attractive" because they are the players who usually score the touchdowns. In my opinion, I would think that the quarterback would be more "attractive."

How many touchdowns did the New York Giants score in 2011?

They made around 47 touchdowns.

How many touchdowns did the Colts score in Super Bowl 44?

They scored two touchdowns and one field goal making their total score 17.

How is basketball performed?

There is offense and defense. There are five players on the court at a time. The aim is to score as many points against the opposition.

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