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Q: What players played for the celtics and their last name starts with b?
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Name Celtic players surnames starting with Y?

No player with the last name beginning with the letter Y has ever played for the Boston Celtics of the NBA.

Who was the last team that Shaquille O'neal played for?

boston celtics

What was the last year in which the Celtics played their home games at the Boston Garden?

Celtics played their last home game in the Boston Garden against the Orlando Magic on May 5, 1995.

Kevin played basketball for Boston Celtics- 32 What was his last name?


Who played when the Celtics last won a championship in the 1985-1986 season?

Larry bird

What basketball team was Dave bing with when he retired?

The last team he played for before he retired was the Boston Celtics

Will the Boston Celtics beat the Lakers?

According to the betting odds, and Bill Simmons, ESPN's Sport's Guy and a Celtics fan, no they won't. But nothing in sports is certain until the last second of the last game has been played.

Were there any NFL players with the last name Scheel?

As of 2009, no players with that name have ever played in the NFL.

Players name that starts with n?

I'd like answer this for you , can you just let me know the following?: What kind of players? Do you mean athletes? Is N for the first name or the last name?

What players have played with Celtic and Newcastle in the last 20 years?

Craig Bellamy

What year were the Celtics last in the playoffs?

the 2007 08 season

Last time both Bruins and Celtics were in the Playoffs?

In 2008