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Bout 11

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Q: How many players on the pitch in mini-hockey including the goalkeeper?
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How many players are in a team on the pitch for the FIFA World Cup?

There 11 players on the pitch: 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players

How many people on a football team not including not on field?

In a full size football game there are eleven players on the pitch (10 outfield plus the goalkeeper) plus a number of substitutes per team.

How many people play on a normal hockey pitch?

There are normally eleven players per team, so 22 players on the pitch at any one time. 1 player per team is a goalkeeper and there will also be two umpires on the pitch during a match.

Can a goalie be replaced if he received a red card?

Yes it is the rule , that the goalkeeper that got the red card should leave the pitch and another goalkeeper will take his place, but the coach must withdraw a player, in other words the team will play with 10 players only. Alternatively, the manager can decide to put one of the players already on the pitch in goal, though this rarely happens.

How many players play on one side of the pitch?

In professional football (which Americans know as Soccer), there are eleven players per team. One of these eleven is generally a goalkeeper, and confined to his respective goal. Once professional play starts, however, there is no limit or ruling as to how many players can be on either side of the pitch, but this does not affect the team which they are on.In informal football, the most popular number of players is 5 per side, this allows for the use of a smaller pitch, and thus, less hassle in booking or renting an area and equipment for use.

Was Fernando Torres a goalkeeper?

yes he started off as a goalkeeper as he is very tall but he liked playing out on the pitch so he was a very good striker

How many players on an American football pitch?

22. 11 per side. not including the referee

What is better being a goalkeeper or defeneder?

Defender as you don't make many mistakes compared to the goalkeeper you make many eg: Robert Green, don't choose to be a goalkeeper like me as you will have less fun on the pitch and you will also gain some wait from standing around.

Why does there have to be eleven players on the pitch in football?

It's traditon to have 11 players on a football pitch so that there can be enough players to compete in a game.

How many defensive players in softball field?

13 defensive players

What is formation in soccer?

Formation is the way players are positioned on the pitch. There are different formations used. For all, the goalkeeper is obviously in the goal, so it is really about how the other 10 players are positioned. Commonly there are 4 defenders in a line, 4 across the middle of the pitch and 2 at the front in attacking positions. This is known as 4 - 4 - 2. Other formations can be used, like 4 - 3 - 3 or 4 - 5 - 1. These are tactical decisions made by the manager.

How many players on a hockey pitch?

11 players

How many players on field?

Each team has 11 players on the pitch, and since there are 2 teams, that means there are 22 players on the pitch plus 1 referee.

How many players can soccer have?

There can only be 11 players on the pitch.

What is the minimum number of players on the pitch in football?

there are 11 players on a professional side but there can be 5,7 and 9 a side as well So if you are professional there are 22 players on a pitch

How many goal keepers are on a soccer team?

On a team there is only one goalkeeper on the pitch at one time. On a matchday squad there would usually be a substitute goalkeeper on the bench. At a football club there would usually be three goalkeepers or so.

How many players in the field at one time for baseball?

The maximum number of players on the field at any one time is 13, nine defensive players including the pitcher, and four offensive players, one occupying each base and the hitter. The catcher, by the way, is the only defensive player allowed to be in position not in fair territory. If your questions refers to how many players are allowed in the "outfield" at any one time, the answer is there is no limit, all eight defensive players, including the catcher, if you so choose, may be positioned in the outfield. The only one not allowed is the pitcher, of course, who must pitch the ball to begin play.

What is a flagpost in soccer?

it is a flag placed at each corner and sometimes one at the halfway line on both sides of the pitch i.e. the left and the right as the goalkeeper looks down the pitch to the other goal.

How many players play in soccer?

11 players start for a soccer team. 2 teams of 11 players play against each other in a match so 22 players are on the pitch are on the pitch -- 3 substitutes are allowed in competitive matches

How many soccer players can be on the field at once?

In senior team football (soccer), there are 11 players on each team; including one goal keeper and ten on-field players. Younger age groups often play smaller side games, on a smaller pitch, which can have 5, 6, 7 or 9 on each team.

How many players are on a football ground including goal keeper?

There are 11 players on the pitch (football ground). The number of defenders, midfielders and strikers really depend on the formation of the team (4-3-3 meaning 4 defenders, 3 midfields and 3 strikers).

How many players are in a team in Champions League match?

There are 11 players on the pitch at a time, and five players as substitutes on the bench.

How many players can be on the field in hurling?

There are 15 players on each team so there can be 30 on a pitch in senior level Hurling. There is also a 7-A-Side Hurling, which would mean just having 14 players on the pitch.

How many players take the field for one team in slow pitch softball?

slow pitch softball requires 10 players, 6 infield and 4 outfield.

How many players on the futbol field?

11 on each team making 22 on the pitch at the same time. You can have substitutes and there are alos linesmen and referees on the pitch as well as the players.