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Q: What players are allowed to represent there country in the Olympics in soccer?
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When did The Olympics allowed National hockey players and the National basketball players to play in the Olympics?

NBA players first Olympics was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona and NHL players first Olympics was the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

In what year were NBA players first allowed to compete in the Olympics?

1992 Dream team

How many players on the us Olympics hockey?

355 million. the entire country is with that team.

How many players are allowed over 23 year age in Olympics in a soccer match?

3 at the games, none during qualifying.

How many players were in 2010 World Cup?

As there are 32 countries and each country were allowed 23 plyers it 736 players. But all the 23 players did not play.

Can professional tennis players compete in the Olympics?

It is my pet peeve every time the Olymics comes round that paid professionl athletes , especially tennis players who are competing for their country are featured. What about the young girl relying on her town to have bake sales, car washes etc to help sponsor her so that she can represent her country. Out of 529 athletes only 21 suposedly favorites are shown , this is a disgrace to humanity.

Is football in the Olympics?

because it is not popular enough and does not fit the requirements of the OlympicsNo, football is not in the olympics. Basketball,hockey and bobsled racing are in the olympics, but not football

When were NBA players allowed to participate in the Olympics?

Olympic rules changed in 1989 and the first professional NBA Olympic team was the 1992 Dream Team led by Michael Jordan.

Do tennis players play in the Olympics?


How do you get in the Olympics for ice hockey?

In most cases you have to be selected by the National team GM, which means you have to play good enough to belong to top players of your country.

How many players on one team are allowed to play in a volleyball team?

6 players are only allowed.

DVD players allowed in front seat?

This depends greatly on what state and country you live in. In some places it is considered to be completely illegal.