Is football in the Olympics

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because it is not popular enough and does not fit the requirements of the Olympics
No, football is not in the olympics. Basketball,hockey and bobsled racing are in the olympics, but not football

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Yes. Any country may enter a football team into the Olympics, but the squad may contain only three players aged over 23.

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Q: Is football in the Olympics
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In the winter olympics.

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Pretty sure there wasnt any football at the 1908 Olympics

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Think there were 8 nations at 1992 football Olympics

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Pretty sure there wasnt any football at that stage at the Olympics

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no. there is no football category in the Olympics

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No, American Football is not an Olympic Sport. It would be fairly hard to become a new sport in the Olympics considering the schedule the teams/players/coaches go by.

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No. Football is an American sport. America wasn't around during ancient times. Especially not ancient Olympics.

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we should go to the Olympics because we can have fun there and learn something from the things we saw in the Olympics like if we saw some tricks on football you can use it when you are playing football as well.

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it was football!