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Q: What player should back up the third baseman?
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Is it legal to have the third baseman stand near the backstop to back up the catcher during an intentional base on balls?

yes because you have nine player on the field

What are the coverage responsibilities of each infielder on a bunt with no outs and a runner at third base?

The first baseman should stay close to the bag but out a little more then usual so incase she needs to run back to the bag to get an out if the ball in thrown in her derection to get an out. The second baseman shouldcome up from her position too. More then the first baseman should because if there's just a runner on first and a batter then there is no need for a second bas out. The short-stop should come up more as well. I the ball comes to her she can either get the out at first or at home or if the runner goes for home but decides to go back then she can get the runner out at third base. The third baseman should go up but still stay by her bag more like the first basemen. She should be ready for the throw to home or an out at third if the girl changes her mind about coming back from home to third. Stay close to the bag but out too so it will be easier to throw the third base runner out at home so the other team won't score.

Where does shortstop play?

in between third and 2nd and just inside the infield clay.

What are the numbers for any defensive play in baseball example 3 6 1 play is a double play from first to second back to first?

3-6-1 is the first baseman to the shortstop to the pitcher. The defensive numbers are 1-pitcher, 2-catcher, 3-first baseman, 4-second baseman, 5-third baseman, 6-shortstop, 7-left fielder, 8- center fielder, 9-right fielder.

What are the postions in baseball?

Back Catcher Pitcher 1st Baseman 2nd Baseman 3rd baseman Short stop Left Fielder Center Fielder Right Fielder Designated Hitter

What does it mean to hug third in baseball terms?

It refers to a third baseman who plays very close to the 3rd base line. He may do this to cut back on doubles down the line or simply because the batter typically hits the ball down the line.

Why did iron maiden add a third guitar player?

If you mean a third guitar player it was because they wanted Adrian back but didn't want Janick to leave.

Who covers first base on a double play when the ball is hit to first baseman?

That depends on where the 1st baseman fields the ball. If the 1st baseman can field the ball, throw to second, and have enough time to get safely back to the base to catch the return throw, then (s)he will cover. If not, then it is the responsibility of the pitcher.

When is glee's third season coming back?

Should be soon, the third series had just started being writen!

Which player backs up the pitcher on a throw back from the catcher on a pass ball where the runner is trying to steal home?

That would depend on the team and the manager. Most likely the third or first baseman, but in reality, whoever's in the best position to do so given the game situation at the time. Also, it would not be a stolen base to advance on a pass ball.

What position plays near 1st base?

1st baseman (to the left and up and little), 2nd baseman (between 1st base and 2nd base), or right outfielder (to the left and back).

How do you go around the horn in baseball?

this is usually after someone makes an out, and usually its when a fielder gets the ball and throws it to first base for an out, then the first baseman tosses it to the shortstop, and he tosses it to the 2nd baseman, and he tosses it to the third baseman, and finally he throws it back to the pitcher, now, keep in mind that you jusy toss the ball, don't throw a bullet, lol, also, never go around the horn with men on base, because the runner could try to take an extra base if you do