What player in the NHL wore number 1 other than a goalie?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The website below gives you plenty of players who wore the #1 in the NHL. Click on the related link.

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Q: What player in the NHL wore number 1 other than a goalie?
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What is the weirdest NHL goalie number?

There is no wierdest number. The regular "goalie" numbers are: 1, 30, 31, 34, 35, 40. It isn't odd to see a goalie with 32, 33, 36,37,38, or 39. Most goalie numbers other than those mentioned above are fairly wierd to see on a goalie.

Is goalie more mentale than player in hockey?

yes they are

In hockey if the netminder has been pulled and a player stops the puck from going in by closing his hand on the puck in the crease?

If this happens................ The player can touch the puck with his hand in the defesive zone, but if he does close his hand on the puck in the crease than a goal can be awarded if there is no goalie If there is a goalie then the other team can have a penalty shot.

In hockey is the goalie in the shootout allowed to trip the player?

A goalie can easily be called for tripping, but they can get away easier with it than a player. If the player is tripped inside teh crease it can be deemed legal, or if it was a pokecheck and the player tripped or something like that it can be deemed okay, but if the goalie runs up sticks out his leg it could be called tripping. It can also be considered okay if the two players collide.

What equipment does a soccer goalie need?

Besides normal soccer clothing, shinguards, and a shirt that is of different color than the two teams playing and the other goalie. Gloves are useful, but are not required.

What is the best lacrosse mesh for a goalie?

as a goalie myself, i would probably say that 12D mesh is better than most other mesh. it all depends on what you like and what type you play well with

If a player does not close his hand on the puck but does use his hand to push the puck under the goalie in the crease in ice hockey is it a penalty shot or just delay of game?

Players in their defensive zone can hand pass the puck to anyone in the defensive zone; therefore, they can "shovel" the puck under their goalie in the crease to stop play. Play would be stopped provided the goalie was in check by an attacking player; otherwise, the goalie would be given a minor penalty if he didn't get rid of the puck within 3 secs. This penalty rule is at the discretion of the referee. With regards to penalties and penalty shots associated to players playing the puck with their hands: If any player other than the goalie closes his hand on the puck or picks the puck off the ice with his hand "OUTSIDE" of the goal crease, a minor penalty will be assessed most likely a delay of game. If any player other than the goalie closes his hand on the puck or picks the puck off the ice with his hand "INSIDE" the crease, a penalty or penalty shot will be awarded to the non-offending team. (at the discretion of the referee)

How do you become a goalie?

There is really no other way than going to your local team and showing you have the ability as well as an interest in this position.

Why is the hockey goalie different from other hockey players?

Because it is an entirely different position. It is the only position in hockey that, if you make a mistake, it is recorded on the scoreboard. It takes a different mental approach for a hockey goalie than a player. Also, goalies are on the ice for the entire game, barring being relieved of duties or injury. Hope this helps.

Is there any other sports than soccer you can't use your hands in?

You can use your hands in soccer, assuming you are a goalie. Otherwise, however, you can't. Hockey is similar, as you can use your hands to secure the puck if you are a goalie, but otherwise, you cannot.

What sports are played with an odd number of periods other than baseball and hockey?

Hockey is played with an even number of players on the ice. Center, Left wing, right wing, Left Defense, Right Defense, Goalie = 6 Basketball is played with and odd number of people and so is Golf

Can a NHL goalie pass the blue line in his defensive end?

Yes. A goalie can play up to but no further than the center line.