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Nicolas Anelka.

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Q: What player has played in the north London merseyside manchecter derbies?
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Which player has played in all the following derbies Milan north London merseyside Munich and Tyne tees?

ur dad

What football player has played in the tyneside and old firm derby?

The answer is Paul Gascoigne, he has also played in derbies in north london, merseyside and rome

Which player has played in all of the following derbies Munich Merseyside North London Milan and Tyne-Tees?

christian ziege

Which players have played in merseyside And old firm derbies?

Michael Ball

Who played in the merseyside Manchester tyneside and London derbies?

I'll Guess Paul Stewart (Liverpool, Manchester City, Spurs, Crystal Palace, Sunderland)

Who played in tayside merseyside Glasgow derbies?

Duncan Ferguson, for Dundee Utd, Everton and Rangers.

Who has played in the north London potteries Manchester and Liverpool derbies?

who has played in the tyne+wear,north London,potteries,Manchester and Liverpool derbies

Which English footballer has played in 5 derbies inc London and scotland and merseyside?

Paul Gascogine has played in the North London derby (for Spurs v Arsenal), Merseyside derby (for Everton v Liverpool), the Glasgow derby (for Rangers v Celtic), and Tyne-Tees derby (for Middlesbrough v Newcastle) and the Tees-Wear derby (for Middlesbrough v Sunderland).

7 players who played in both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies who have also won the Champions League?

Pele Moore giggs charlton

Name the player who has played in the Manchester Merseyside and Tyneside derbies?

Michael Owen for Newcastle,Liverpoo and Man u and hes scored in them all

Who played in Madrid London and Merseyside derby?

Nicholas anelka

What German player has played in north London derbys?

Steffen Freund and Jurgen Klinsmann both played for Spurs in London derbies.

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