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Nicholas anlkia

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Q: Who has played in a Manchester merseyside Turkish spanish and two London derbys?
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Who is the only player to play in Manchester merseyside and north London derbies?


Which footballer has scored in the Manchester derby Merseyside derby and London derby?

nicolas anelka

Name the current premiership player that has played in the Manchester merseyside and north London derby?

Robbie Keane has played in both the Mancheter-Merseyside derby (LIVERPOOL vs Manchester United) and the north-london derby (TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Arsenal)

Who is the only player to play in a London Sheffield Glasgow Merseyside and Manchester derby?

Gary speed

Who has played in a Merseyside Glasgow North London and Manchester derby?

Craig bellamy

Where did the london riots hit?

London, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, West Midlands Bristol, Dont know any more... sozzies hope i helped

Which football player has played in a London derby Manchester derby and Merseyside derby?

Paul Ince has ...but im sure there is more than that

Which player as played in a Manchester and a merseyside and a north east and a London derby?

Paul Stewart (Man City; Liverpool; Sunderland; Tottenham).

Which player has played in all four of the following matches Manchester derby merseyside derby London derby tyneside derby?

Paul Stewart

Which player has played in a London Manchester and merseyside derby and won the FA Cup Premier league and Champions league?

I expect its Nicholas Anelka

Who has played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby north London derby tyneside derby and the Glasgow derby?

I think nobody

Which player appeared in a Merseyside Manchester and London derby and won a premier league fa cup champions league and uefa cup?

Nicolas Anelka