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John Van Benschoten of the Pittsburgh Pirates has the highest career ERA in major league history of any pitcher with at least 75 innings pitched. His whopping 9.20 ERA is unparalleled, earning him MLB glory which will certainly earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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Red Ruffing at 3.80.

Ruffing pitched for the Red Sox, Yankees, and White Sox in a 22 year career to a record of 273-225. He was elected to the HoF in 1967.

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Bob Gibson 1.12 in 1968

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Q: What pitcher has the highest ERA in hall of fame?
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What major league pitcher has the highest era in a single season who pitched 100 or more innings?


What does Hall of Fame get you?

Being a member of the Hall of Fame has no monetary reward. However, it does mean that you are recognised as one of the greatest players or managers ever as there are less than 300 members. It will be interesting to see what happens when the players from the steroids era become eligible.

Was Warren Spahn a major league player?

He was the Braves' greatest left-handed pitcher. He pitched from 1942-1965. His win-loss record was 363-245. His ERA was 3.09. He was selected to 17 all-star teams and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973.

What pitcher has faced the most players in the hall of fame in his career?

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Who played the longest for the Cleveland Indians?

Pitcher Mel Harder who spent 20 seasons (1928-1947) with the Indians. He ended up with career numbers of 223 wins, 186 losses, 3.80 ERA, 181 complete games, 25 shutouts, 3426 1/3 innings pitched, 1118 walks, and 1161 strikeouts. Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller (1936-1941, 1945-1956) is second with 18 seasons in an Indians uniform.

What does era stand for on a baseball card?

ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

Can a baseball pitcher be adequately evaluated by ERA?

Not necessarily. A pitcher could have a decent ERA but give up several hits and walks an inning. An adequate way to evaluate a pitcher would be to look at his WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched), along with ERA

What is better a high ERA or a lower ERA?

Low ERA is better - Means less Earned runs by a pitcher in Baseball