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Right Handed Shot, target the one (head) and three pins

Left Handed Shot, target the one (head) and two pins

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Q: What pins are you supposed to target for a first ball?
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Which pins are you supposed to target for a first ball bowling?

For most right handers, it's the area between the 1 and the 3 pin. For most left handers, it's the area between the 1 and the 2 pin.

What comes out first when the ball is released?

It should be your thumb.

Strike and spare are names for which sport?

Bowling, Strike means all pins down on first ball . Spare means all remaining pins down on second ball. If you gett a gutter ball on the first try, and all pins down on the second ball , it's still a spare.Pins left standing on second ball is an open frame.

When a bowling ball hits the pins at the end of the what energy from the ball is?

Answer=Transferred to the pins.

The first roll of the bowling ball knocked down 3 of the 10 pins what percent of the pins were still standing?


When a bowling ball collides with the pins the momentum of the ball and the pins after the collision is explained by?


When the ball strikes the pins they go flying while the ball continues forward Why doesn't the ball simply bounce off the pins?

A bowling ball is very heavy and out weighs the pins.

What happens to the momentum of a bowling ball when it hits the pins?

Energy is transferred to the pins and the deflection and contact of the pins will typically slow the ball momentum.

How do you score a strike?

By knocking down all ten pins By knocking down all ten pins with the first ball in a given frame.

What is it called when a bowler knox down all ten pins on the first roll of frame?

When all pins are knocked down after the first ball is thrown in a frame, it is called a strike.

How do you bowl a spare?

A spare in bowling is when you knock down all of the pins with both deliveries in a single frame. So, if you knocked down 7 pins on your first ball and knocked down the remaining 3 pins with your second ball, that would be considered a spare.

What happens when you knock 8 pins down on the first ball and only knock down 1 pin with the second ball?

you get a 9

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