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Q: What philadelphia eagle has the most career kickoff returns?
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What Eagle has the most career kickoff returns?

Brian Mitchell.

What philadelphia eagle player has the most kick returns in eagle history?

Tim Brown with 169 kick returns between 1960-1967.

What is Auburn's kickoff chant?

War Eagle is the kickoff chant.

What do they cheer during the kickoff of Auburn football games?

War Eagle! Hey

What are the name of the Philadelphia eagle's?

The Philadelphia Eagles?

What was the first team that Brian Westbrook played for?

Brian Westbrook started his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and played as an Eagle from 2002-2009. Brian is currently a free agent.

How did the Philadelphia Eagles get their name?

since the liberty bell is in Philadelphia they used an eagle as there symbol

What Philadelphia Eagle player was the movie Invincible about?

Vince Papale

What does the Philadelphia Eagles logo look like?

The Philadelphia Eagles logo is a virtual eagle. The team's colors are midnight green, black, white, silver, and charcoal. They also have an alternate logo, which says Philadelphia Eagles and has the virtual eagle under it.

Most games as a philadelphia eagle?

Brian Dawkins

Will the philadelphia eagle beat the Arizona Cardinals?


Why is the Philadelphia Eagles's mascot an eagle?

because they are the eagles!!!

Where was the eagle gold coin minted?

Philadelphia Mint

Which philadelphia eagle is nicknamed Spider-Man?

Johnny Hammerstix

How many Super Bowl has Philadelphia eagle played in?


How did the Philadelphia eagles get there name?

The Philadelphia Eagles got their name because when the franchise was forming, the eagle became the symbol of America.

Is eagle found in zoo?

some zoos have them like the Philadelphia zoo

Which Philadelphia Eagle's defender played for the Cincinnati Bearcats?

Trent cole

What Philadelphia Eagle is known as The Bayou Bombshell?

Steve van Buren

Who currently wears the number 81 as a Philadelphia Eagle?

Jason Avant

What team did philadelphia eagle asante Samuel come from?

New England patriots

Why is the eagel a good name for philadelphia?

It is a good name because of the blad Eagle

Who was the 2004 Philadelphia Eagle that wears 87 and plays receiver?

Todd Pinkston

What is the mintage of the 1926 20 dollar gold eagle?

The 1926 double eagle mintage is 816,750 for Philadelphia/ Denver 481,000/ San Francisco 2,041,500

How did Philadelphia Eagles get their name?

They were named after the symbol of FDR's National Recovery Act, which was an eagle!