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25-30 percent

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Q: What percentage of football players use steroids?
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How many college football players use steroids?

The majority if not all of them definitely take steroids especailly in d1 and d2 college football.

Percentage of baseball players using steroids?

In the MLB it's 85% of ball players that use steroids. In 9 through 12 grade 6.1% of kids used anabolic steroids.

How many NFL players have taken steroids?

70 to 80% of nfl players use steroids

How many players in the Major League Baseball use steroids?

there are many players in the mlb that use steroids. My guess would be 30-40.

How many football players died from steroids?

lyle alzado is one of the football players who died from constant steroid use. he stated that he started in 1969 and never stopped usings the drug. he died in 1992 of brain cancer ANSWER-No football player has ever died from steroid use. Lyle Alzado wanted something to blame for his cancer and steroids was what he blamed. His own doctor said that steroids had nothing to do with it. I think lyle alzado started in 1968.

What percentage of pro athletes take steroids?

The intake of steroids is common for players in almost every sport since they enhance the performance of the players. Today's use of steroids is not limited to Major League Baseball (MLB), NFL and WWE but also encompasses FIFA, UFC and MMA. According to some ex-players of NFL and MMA about 90% of the players are on stuff.

What did football players use?

(you need to elaborate on this question: What football players, and use for what?)

Do rugby players use steroids?

The have, they do and if caught are banned from the game.

Why do baseball players use steroids?

To enhance power and stamina

How many Phillie's used steriods?

Of the current players, none use steroids. Unlike the stupid Yankees, who have several players, such as A-Rod, who used steroids.

What percent of Major League Baseball players use steroids?


What is the difference between the use of steroids in baseball compared to the use of steroids in football?

Both sports have many guys taking steroids. Football players tend to lift for bulk as well as for speed and strength while baseball players focus on the latter two. The biggest difference is not the drugs they take, because they both use similar stuff, but rather the workouts they do. Baseball is not a contact sport like football so mass is not necessarily a key ingredient. Instead they have to be ready for a 150+ game season so higher repetitions with lower weight will give the strength as well as the endurance they need. So to answer the question the use of steroids is very similar in both.

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