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About 63% of all Dominican Republic Baseball players tested positive for the use OS steroids and other PED.

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Q: How may Dominican Republic players have tested positive for steroids since 2003?
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How many Dominican football players?

There are no NFL players, past or present, from the Dominican Republic. There are four players from Haiti, the country that shares the same Island as the Dominican republic. These players are Vlad Ducasse, Junior Galette. Gosder Cherilus and Ricot Joseph.

What is the dominican republic best known for?

Baseball players.

Where do the best baseball players come from?

The Dominican Republic.

What percentage of mlb players come from the Dominican Republic?


Why does the Dominican Republic stand out?

Because of its beautiful beaches and nature.Also, a lot of Dominican baseball players are in the major leagues in the U.S.

How many dominicans are currently in mayor league baseball?

There are well over 50 current MLB players that were born in the Dominican Republic. Instead of listing them all here I have included a link on this page called 'Dominican Born Ballplayers'. If you click on the link, not only will you see the current Dominican born players but all players who played in MLB that were born in the Dominican Republic.

Does the dominican republic have the most major league players per capita?

I believe so.

Which foreign country has produced the most Major League Baseball players?

Dominican Republic

What country have most MLB players came from?

The USA. 2nd most is the Dominican Republic.

Which Latin American country is most represented by major league baseball players?

The Dominican Republic

Names of two baseball players frome the dominican republic?

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz

How many Major League Baseball players are from the Dominican Republic?

Baseball Almanac lists well over 200 active players from the Domincan Republic. Click on the 'Ballplayers from the Domincan Republic' link below to see a list of those players, active and retired, that are from DR and have played in MLB.

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