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It is either between 0.1% and 2%

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Q: What percent of Americans have run a marathon?
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What is the percentage of Americans who have run a marathon?

tThe percentage of American's that have run a marthon is only 0.5 percent, which is a 140 percent increase from 1990.ÊThere are about 570 marathons that are held annually.

What percent of UK population has run a marathon?


What percent of Americans can run a mile?


What percentage of Americans have run a ultra marathon?

very very few... 100 miles? are you kidding me?

How many miles are run in a marathon?

How many miles are run in a marathon? There are 26.21875 miles in a marathon.

How far do athietes run in the marathon?

Athletes in a marathon run 26 miles. Athletes in a marathon run 26 miles.

What is the approximate percent of Americans that run their own business?

six point six percent

What percent of Americans run home based businesses?


Where was the first marathon run in the US?

The Boston Marathon. It was first run in 1897.

What percentage of people ever run Boston Marathon?

Considering that only about 500K people have ever run the Boston Marathon in over 115 years, the answer is not very many. If we're looking at just the US population, then that would be less than 0.2% of all Americans will run in the Boston Marathon. If we're looking at worldwide population, then it would be less than 0.0001% of the world will run in the Boston Marathon.

What percentage of women run marathons?

A marathon is a race that is 26 miles in length. At least 10 percent of women run marathons each year.

What is a full marathon?

A full marathon is the 26.2 miles that you run for example the London marathon is a full marathon

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