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you can use any part of the body as long as it is not your hands or arms(up to the elbow).

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Q: What parts of the body do you us playing soccer?
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Who is governing body of us soccer?


When did mia hamm make the US soccer team?

Mia Hamm started playing on the women's US Soccer Team in 1987.

How many major league soccer teams are in the US?

There are 13 teams playing in the MLS (Major League Soccer) and 9 teams playing in the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League).

Are girls better than boys at playing soccer?

In the US and Canada.

How does a soccer player stay in shape?

soccer players stay in shape doing alot of different exercise's. im a soccer player my self and my coach makes my team do different techniques to help different parts of our body's and he makes us run alot. everyday that you play soccer, you get fit!

Which body parts protect us?

the brain ?

If you are a soccer player and just moved to the US what do you do to continue playing soccer in the US?

There are many soccer leagues in the US. Anybody can play soccer no matter where they are or how old they are. There are club teams for children and adult leagues for adults. You just have to search around and find out what leagues are in you area.

What are the lions body parts used for?

Lions are like us, they have most body parts like us. The lungs are obviously for their breathing. The heart is used for pumping blood through their body. Their jaws are to kill and rip the animals body parts.

What is the age some US women's soccer players started playing soccer?

when they were in about kindergarden, age 4, something like that (when they were younger)

Why is the skin is important to us people?

skin is important to us because it protects our body parts which are in our body.

What are vessels in the heart?

it is the parts of the body who making us live

What happened to Nick Perera of the US soccer team?

playing for athletico Madrid's youth team in Spain

Is soccer European or us?

Soccer is U.S.

What major role does glucose play in you body?

Glucose gives us energy to all our Vital body parts to keep us alive

What is the conclussion between US soccer and Europe soccer?

Soccer in Europe is generally thought to be played at a quicker pace than US soccer

How many youth soccer clubs are there in the United States?

There are currently more than 8200 youth soccer clubs in the US. More than 6000 of these play under the US Youth Soccer Association program. US Youth Soccer is the largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body for soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer is a nationwide body of over 600,000 volunteers and administrators, and over 300,000 dedicated coaches, most of who also are volunteers. US Youth Soccer registers over 3,000,000 youth players between the ages of five and nineteen. US Youth Soccer is made up of 55 member State Associations; one in each state, and two in California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Reference info

How do you sell your testicle in Oregon?

Selling body parts is universally illegal in the US.

What body parts work in pairs to help your body move?

The body parts that work in pairs to help your body move are the muscles. Muscles help us move our bodies. Without them, we are just a pile of bones.

When soccer first came to the US what was it called?


World soccer shop in US?

Soccer Looker

What are a penguin's body parts?

A peguin has a ton of body parts just like us but some i can name are wings, bill, blubber; which is fat to keep them warm, and feet.

What soccer team does Jozy Altidore play for?

Jozy Altidore is an American soccer player who is currently on loan from Villarreal CF playing for Bursaspor which is a Turkish soccer team from the city of Bursa. He also plays for the US national team.

Are there any womens varsity soccer teams in US?

there is the women's us soccer team.

How many soccer players in the US?

US Soccer players steady at 18.2 Million

Is soccer going to be played in US?

Soccer is played somewhere in the US every day.