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Yuo wanna kick at the lower middle part of the football so it travels far and gets some air. Make sure to kick it a lil below the middle so you kick it perfectly. -ChiliC ______________________________

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Q: What part of the foot should be used for contact on a ball when kicking the ball so it travels in the air?
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If a NFL kickoff travels 40 yards hits the ground and is picked up by a member of the kicking team why does the ball go to the receiving team instead of the kicking team due to onside kick rules?

The question is the correct assessment. If a ball travels more than 10 yards, hits the ground in bounds, and the kicking team gains possession of the ball, the ball is dead and the kicking team is on offense.

Can the kicking team pass the 10 yard mark before the ball on an onside kick?

Yes. There is no rule about the kicking team passing the 10 yard mark before the ball, only that the kicking team cannot touch the ball before it travels 10 yards unless the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team.

In football if the kicking team is kicking off in a normal formation and the receiving team does not touch it and the kicking team does touch it is it their ball?

No, the kicking team would need to gain possession of the ball. For kickoffs, the ball is considered a 'free ball' once it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The ball is also considered 'free' if a member of the receiving team touches it, but does not gain full possession, before it travels 10 yards from the spot of the kick. The first team whose player gains possession of the ball is awarded the ball. Touching the ball does not signify possession ... a player must have full possession of the ball for his team to be awarded possession. A lot of 'possessions' in that last statement but that is the qualifier as to which team is awarded the ball. Touching the ball means nothing, possessing the ball means everything.

Can a kickoff be advanced by the kicking team if the receiving team does not touch the ball?

According to the NFL Rulebook: " A kickoff is illegal unless it travels 10 yards OR is touched by the receiving team. Once the ball is touched by the receiving team or has gone 10 yards, it is a free ball. Receivers may recover and advance. Kicking team may recover but NOT advance UNLESS receiver had possession and lost the ball. " According to the NFL Rules, the kicking team may not advance the ball on a kickoff unless it has been possessed first by the receiving team. In the play you saw in the Washington/Seattle playoff game, the ball went unpossessed by the receiving team when the kicking team gained control. In that case, possession is awarded to the kicking team at the spot where the kicking team gained control of the ball. no. the ball is dead where the kicking team touched it

How do you kick a soccer ball?

With your leg make a kicking motion toward the ball... don't kick it with your toe... but kick with the side of your foot. where ever your toe points after you kick should be where the ball travels no wrong you kick it with the inside of the side of your cleat and if your shooting at the goal you kick it with the laces on your shoes that where you kick it with

What part of a person's body should be used when kicking the ball?


One should use this part of the body when kicking the ball?


Is it violation if you were dribbling in basketball and touched the ball with your knee?

No. It is not a violation if the contact with any part of the foot or leg was accidental. If it was intentional then the player is guilty of kicking the ball.

Scoccer What is a goal?

When the ball travels completely across the goal line. It can go in by kicking it or heading it. Players must stay onsides to call it a goal.

Does an onside kick have to travel 10 yards before the receiving team can catch it?

No, the receiving team may attempt to take possession at any time after the kick. It is the kicking team that must wait for the ball to travel 10 yards before they can be the first to touch it. However, should a member of the receiving team touch the ball before it travels 10 yards and fumble/muff it, the kicking team can recover the ball and take possession without penalty.

What is the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

kicking of ball is which force

Should use this part of the body when kicking the ball?

The inner side of your feet :-)

After a kickoff if it travels over 10 yards is it anyone's ball?

Yes, as long as no one on either team touches it before the 10 yards. After the ball travels ten yards during a kickoff it is a free ball. That's correct. Once the ball travels 10 yards, anyone can recover it.The receiving team can always recover after anydistance. So if an onside kick only travels 5 yards instead of the required 10 and the receiving team recovers, the receiving team would take possession of the ball at that spot.The 10-yard rule is a restriction on the kicking team only. The kickers cannot recover the ball until is has traveled 10 yards, UNLESS the receiving team touches the ball first. After the receiving team touches the ball, the kicking team can recover, regardless of how far the ball has traveled.

Give 3 examples of contact forces?

A contact force is a force that is the point of contact between two objects. A few examples are slapping somebody, pushing a door open, or kicking a ball.

If contact by a defensive player during the act of punting prevents the punter from kicking the ball with his foot is the defensive player subject to a penalty?

NO. If the kicker had possession of the ball and was unable to kick it.

During the rally in volleyball can a player receive the ball using his or her foot?

Yes, as long as his or her foot is planted on the ground and does not move. There must be no "kicking" motion as it makes contact with the ball.

What are the bones that are involved when kicking a soccer ball?

Movements of the Hip Joint When Kicking a Soccer Ball

What fun games are played by children where kicking balls is involved?

Fun games played by children where kicking balls is involved could include Kickball and soccer. Kickball is a fun kids game very similar to baseball, but instead of a baseball and a bat, you use a gym ball and your leg to kick the ball and run the bases. Soccer is played in a long field where only kicking is allowed, hand contact with the ball is not permitted.

If kicking team touches ball after it goes ten yards but before it hits the ground is there a penalty?

There is no penalty. Any touch by the kicking team is considered a "legal touch" as long as the football travels the entire ten yards, no matter if it hits the ground first or not.

Does ball air pressure effect kicking distance?

Yes, ball preasure does effect kicking distance.

What bones are used when kicking a soccer ball and why?

Your tarsals and metatarsals are used when kicking a ball because they are in your foot

How do you say kicking a soccer ball in spanish?

Kicking a soccer ball in Spanish

If a team punts the ball and the ball strikes an unaware member of the return team and does not come in contact with the ground before the kicking team gets possession who's ball is it?

The kicking team, this happened last Sunday in the Panthers-Redskins game-

How do you kick the perfect drop punt in afl?

Have your kicking foot a little ahead of the other foot when you receive the ball. As you are catching the ball, start your first step forward with your kicking foot and make the ball parallel to the ground turned to the inside just a bit. Then, step forward with your other foot and as it is landing on the ground, remove your opposite kicking foot's hand and raise it up(to keep balance). You should now be holding the ball with your hand that's on your kicking foot side, and then drop the ball straight down and meet the ball and follow your foot all the way through.

If a ball on a punt is first touched by the kicking team and then touched by the receiving team but then recovered by the kicking team. Does the kicking team get the ball?

If the kicking team touches the ball first, they cannot gain possession. Even if the receiving team picks up the ball and fumbles it, the kicking team cannot legally recover it. The ball is dead and possessed by the receivers at the recovery point. That's right, because a punt first touched by the kicking team is always considered an illegal touch. When a kicking team downs the ball on an ordinary punt play, that's technically an illegal touch, but no penalty is assessed -- the ball simply goes over to the receiving team at that point. In the scenario presented in the question, the only difference is that the kicking team failed to down the ball on their first touch. No matter what happens after that point, they are ineligible to recover the ball.

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