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Well, you could fall on any part of your body. Intense figure skaters will sometimes have knee and/or ankle problems because of landing too many jumps.

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Q: What part in the body gets hurt in figure skating?
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Can someone get hurt in figure skating?

Yes, they can if they have a mis step.

Are you supposed to hurt the day after ice skating?

It is possible to hurt after ice skating, but it is not likely.

Do people get hert in figure skating?

Yeah obv they get hurt you think people can achieve triple axels without getting hurt a little bit. xkbx

Does figure skating hurt?

Figure skating doesn't hurt at all. Some of the moves are a bit difficult for example a split jump, spread eagle, flying camel. You need to be flexible. I've skated since I was a little girl now I'm a coach. You need to have strength when you have to do jump after jump after jump and spin after spin after spin its tiring! It can make you soar. Don't every sport? You need to have effort. It depends on you and your body. Falls may hurt a bit but don't worry. Recovery takes no time at all.

Does ice-skating hurt your knees?

Well, that depends what sort of skating your doing. If your just skating for fun, without any tricks or jumps, then you should be fine. It may hurt if you fall, or if you have knee problems, but not too badly. If you are doing harder things, such as competitive jumps and spins, then it may hurt considerbly more then if you are just skating recreationaly.

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Why does a man gets hurt more when he jumps from a significant height?

due more pressure exerted by the body...................

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when no body gets hurt at all is the perfect crash that's why you want to have a safe car.

Can you go ice skating while pregnant?

No, because if you fall, you might get hurt.

What are the dangers of ice skating?

The dangers of ice skating is that yu can fall and hurt your self ... yu can break a leg or ankle and way worae

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