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oil filter number

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Q: What oil do you use in par car golf cart rear end?
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Where is the fuse on a club car golf cart?

under the seat. the end

Where is the fuse box on a club car golf cart?

under the seat. the end

How do you add a voltage gauge to a 91 club car golf cart?

put the thing on the end of the thing

How do you make your Yamaha G1 golf cart go faster?

Gas or electric? Change the rear end and get a higher ratio one.

How do you eliminate a Yamaha golf cart govenor?

I wouldn't take off the governor, but you can loosen it. It sits on the rear end of the drivers side, and it's simply a bolt and nut that the looser you make the nut, the more speed you'll get from your cart.

What sizes do golf cart tires come in?

It depends on the size of the wheels. For example, if the golf cart wheel is in an 8" size, the tire will end in an 8" size (20x10-8 & 22x11-8).

Who is at fault in a rear end accident in California?

The person who hit the rear end of the car.

Who is at fault when hit in the rear end?

The car to the rear, unless the car struck was backing. Depends on the situation.

What is that Thumping noise in tail end of car VW Golf 97 when turning when turning right get noise in rear right and when turning left get it in rear left side had struts replaced no help?

If you lowered the car or had suspension/strut work done you can be rubbing The body in the boot?

What rear end in 2014 ss Camaro?

You can use a rear end from a 2013 or 2014 camaro or ss camro to replace a rear end in a 2014 SS Camaro car.

What is the similar word for backside of car?

Rear end trunk

What kind of rear end is in a sprint cup car?


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