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Roger Staubach wore #12 during his career with the Cowboys.

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Q: What number is Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys?
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What was the number of Dallas Cowboys quarterback in 1976?

12-Roger Staubach.

Did Roger Staubach play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. Roger Staubach played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1969-1979.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys quarter back in 1979?

Roger Staubach

Who played for the 1978 Dallas Cowboys?

Roger Staubach, QB

Who exactly is Roger Staubach?

Roger Staubach is a former National Football League quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys and won two Super Bowl victories with the Dallas Cowboys: VI and XII.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback for most of the 1970s?

Roger Staubach.

Who was the quarterback for Dallas Cowboys 1972?

Craig Morton and Roger Staubach.

What number was Roger Staubach?

During his career with the Cowboys, Roger Staubach wore jersey number 12.

What was Roger Staubach's number with the Cowboys?


Who was Dallas Cowboys quarterback during super bowl 6?

Roger Staubach.

Who was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys when the won their first Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach.

What quarterback led the Dallas Cowboys to their second super bowl victory?

Roger Staubach