What number does ronaldo wear for real madrid?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What number does ronaldo wear for real madrid?
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What number will ronaldo be next year?

Christiano Ronaldo will wear jersey number 9 at Real Madrid.

What number does critsiano ronaldo wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently wears No. 9 for Real Madrid. Before he wore No. 7 at Manchester United.

Who has the number 7 from Real Madrid?

Raúl used to wear the number 7, but currently Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portugese footballer, who also wears 7 for his national team, wears it.

What number will raul albiol wear at real Madrid?

he will be given number 18

Famous soccer numbers players that wear 16?

Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Real Madrid

When did raul wear the number 11 shirt for real Madrid?

Raul always wears number 7.

Why does Christiano Ronaldo wear the number 7?

Because he wore the same shirt number when playing for Manchester United. He switched to no. 9 when he first joined Real Madrid, as the legendary Raúl was already wearing the no. 7 shirt. When Raúl left for Schalke 04, Ronaldo took over Raúl's no. 7, thereby going back to his usual number.

How many goals did kaka score for real Madrid?

i can confirm he will wear the number 22 shirt as he did for Ac Milan

What number will benzema wear for Madrid?


What Irish men played for real Madrid?

So far there have been no Irish players to wear the white of Real Madrid.

Dispite on how much money they have Why do Real Madrid Steal all the best players in the world?

Real Madrid have money and they splash it out o good footballers, and it is a desire for footballers to wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

Who wears the number 23 in soccer?

Anybody. Ages ago players were numbered only 1-11, but now anyone can have whatever number they like, eg. Pepe Reina wears number 25 for Liverpool, David Beckham used to wear the number 23 for Real Madrid.