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Albert Riera wears number 11 for Liverpool, the same number that he wore for RCD Espanyol, the club he last played for.

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Q: What number does riera wear for Liverpool?
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Who wears number 11 shirt for Liverpool football club?

Liverpool's number 11 shirt is worn by Albert Riera

Who is Albert riera?

albert riera is a Spanish footballer, who plays his club matchs for Liverpool f.c

Who is the newest Spanish international to join Liverpool?

Albert Riera

Who plays nos11 for Liverpool football club?

albert riera

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number 8

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Number 9!

What number does Jordan Henderson wear at Liverpool?

Jordan Henderson wears number 14 at Liverpool FC.

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Footballer that played for both Liverpool and man city?

albert riera and robbie fowler

Who has scored for Liverpool with a surname ending in A?

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He wears Number 2

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robbie keane

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Robbie Keane!

List of players to wear number 9 Liverpool jersey?

torres/ carrol

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Which Liverpool players ending in A have scored in premier league?

Arbeloa dossena Garcia hyppia Lucas leiva riera Ayala