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Q: What number does Steven Gerrard wear when he plays for Liverpool?
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For what club does Steven Gerrard play?

As of June 2014, Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, a club in England.

Does steven Gerrard play for real Madrid?

No, he plays for Liverpool.

What club does Steven Gerrard in in 2011?

He plays for Liverpool FC.

What team did steven Gerrard play for?

Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool and England.

What is steven Gerrard home address?

Steven Gerrard plays and captains for the English football team Liverpool. There is no public listing of his home address.

How many team steven Gerrard a Liverpool player has played for?

Steven Gerrard has only ever played for Liverpool even during his youth. He also currently plays for his national team England.

Who is Steven jerrard?

Steven Gerrard is a professional English footballer. As of 2013, Gerrard is 33 years old and plays for the Liverpool team and the England national team.

Does Steven Gerrard play football?


Who is the greatest soccer player and give his biological name?

Steven Gerrard who plays for Liverpool fc in England

Who is steven Gerrard and is he nice?

Steven Gerrad is an English soccer player and he plays for Liverpool soccer club as a forward, as to wether he is nice yes

What influenced steven Gerrard?

Liverpool. he idoilised Liverpool when he was young he wanted to play 4 Liverpool now he plays 4 the club he support the club he a big Liverpool fan. so Liverpool influenced him

What is Steven Gerrard famous for?

He's a Liverpool born Football player who is Captain of Liverpool and also plays for England and has captained the country 3 times. :D

Who is Steven Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard is an English footballer and is the captain of the Liverpool Football team and plays on the England football team also. Whilst playing for Liverpool, he wears the number 8 shirt and whilst playing for England wears the number 4 shirt. He married Alexandra "Alex" Curran on June 16, 2007, and the couple have three daughters: Lily-Ella, Lexie, and Lourdes.

What positoin does steven jerrared play?

Steven Gerrard plays as a midfielder

How many brothers that also play Football does Steven Gerrard have?

Steven Gerrard has a brother named Paul Gerrard (not to be confused with Everton goalkeeper Paul Gerrard) is not a professional footballer. Steven Gerrard has a cousin who plays for Huddersfield Town.

What is steven gerrard's?

Steven George Gerrard is born on 30 May, 1980.He is captain of the Liverpool Football team and plays on the England football team also. Whilst playing for Liverpool, he wears the N.O 8 shirt and whilst playing for England wears the N.O 4 shirt. He was born in Liverpool and lives in Liverpool with his wife Mrs. Alexandra Gerrard.Read more: Who_is_Steven_Gerrard

What country does steven Gerrard play soccer for?

Steven Gerrard plays F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L!!! He also plays for England.

How often does Steven Gerrard play football?

Steven Gerrard plays football all year round, playing at Liverpool FC from September to May and on the England international team over the summer. I bet if he has any down time he is still practicing and working on his game.

Who plays at number 4 in the England world cup team?

Steven Gerrard the captain of England wears the jersey number 4.

What position is steven Gerrard for England?

He is a midfielder who primarily plays in the centre

What age is Stephen Gerrard?

Steven George Gerrard, MBE was born on 30 May 1980. He is an English footballer who plays for English Premier League club Liverpool F.C. and the England national team. He is therefore 28 until his next birthday in 2009.

Which match attacks card is the best card?

steven Gerrard because he plays for England

What does Steven Gerrard enjoy doin apart from football?

He Plays Golf With His Fellow Teammates

Is steven Gerrard great?

Steven Gerrard is widely regarded as one of the world's best midfielders. Whenever he plays for Liverpool he inspires the rest of the team and sometimes has to push up and score the winning goal to secure the points. He is one of the nominees for the PFA player of the year. He is also a real inspiration for the England national side.

Is Steven gerrad a Italian?

ovo not he is English as he plays for Liverpool and England