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No, he plays for Liverpool.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-06 03:00:39
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Q: Does steven Gerrard play for real Madrid?
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Is it true that Steven Gerrard is going to Real Madrid?


Is Steven Gerrard going to play with Real Madrid?

No Gerrard has said he will commit to Liverpool this year. So Joe Cole joined Liverpool.

Who has scored the most champions league goals Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard?

Raúl has scored 64 goals Real Madrid

Which country does Real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in Spain where Madrid is the capital.

What city does real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital.

What is Steven Gerrard's fan mail address?

I found a e-mail address and its so real he writes back and sends pics to you! Its

When did steven Gerrard become a footballer?

steven gerrard became a footballer when he was 5 years old not a real footballer but started practising. but i dont know when he became a real footballer maybe around 1992 from zaid

Do real Madrid play at midnight?

No Real Madrid do not play at night , more in the noon.

Can Real Madrid play in the same division with Real Madrid B?


How much is steven Gerrard worth compared to Christiano ronaldo?

Well i think Gerrard is worth 17 million ( that is on fifa 10 anyway) but real Madrid put a bid in for him for 85 million! im not sure how much Ronaldo is worth but i am sure quite alot, in my opion Ronaldo is a better player :). Ronaldo if he got sold from Real Madrid now he will be sold for 125 million

Where does America vs real Madrid channel play at?

Real Madrid can only play with a club, not with America.

Did Veron play for Real Madrid?

No, Veron never played for Real Madrid.

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