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Q: What number did thierry Henry wear for arsenal?
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What number did henry wear for arsenal?


What famous soccer players wear 14?

Thierry Henry wore this shirt at arsenal, although Walcott does now

Which international soccer players wear number 14?

Thierry Henry

What number does Theo Walcott wear for Arsenal?

The Jersey number of Theo walcott is 14, the number worn formerly by theirry Henry at arsenal.

What number theo walcott wear for arsenal?

Theo Walcott wears jersey number 14, it was worn before by Henry at Arsenal.

What kind of boots dose Thierry Henry wear?


Soccer players who wore the number 14?

Two players to wear the famous 14 number jersey are Theo walcott and Thierry Henry.

Who used to wear the number 14 jersey before Henry?

Martin Keown wore the number 14 jersey from the 94-95 season until 99-00 season when Steve Bould vacated the number 5 jersey when he left for Sunderland. In the same season Arsenal signed Thierry Henry who then took the vacated number 14 jersey when Keown took the number 5 jersey.

What player wear number 14?

As of October 2008 Theo Walcott - Arsenal Jermain Defoe - Portsmouth Xabi Alonso - Liverpool Charles N'Zogbia - Newcastle Jo - Manchester City Stephen Moyse - FTYFCu12 UNASSIGNED - Man United UNASSIGNED - Chelsea For reference, it was also worn by Johan Cruyff - Ajax Thierry Henry - Arsenal & Barcelona Guti - Real Madrid

What soccer players wear 14?

Two famous players come to mind who have worn the number 14 shirt. The great Johan Cruyff of Holland and Thierry Henry

What number will andrei arshavin wear for arsenal?

Andrei Arshavin will wear the number 23 shirt.

What number does gael clichy of the arsenal team wear?


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