What number does gael clichy of the arsenal team wear?

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Q: What number does gael clichy of the arsenal team wear?
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Who is Gael Clichy?

Gael Clichy (born July 26, 1985 in Toulouse) is a French footballer who currently plays for Manchester City and the French national football team. Prior to his career at Manchester City, he had previously played at Cannes and Arsenal.

What famous players are in arsenal?

Most of the first team squad are internationals (as are some reserves and youths), but the main names in the team are Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Andrey Arshavin, Gael Clichy, Diaby and Samir Nasri

Name some players on the French team?

Steve Mandanda. Gael Clichy. Younes Kaboul. Bacary Sagna. Samir Nasri. Flourent Malouda. Karim Benzema. Loic Remy.

Who is the arsenal team captian?

The current Arsenal team captain is Cesc Fabregas, a midfielder who wears the number 4

Have the Arsenal ladies team ever played the Arsenal mens team?

Not officially

Who wears number 21 on the arsenal football team?

Lucasz Fabianski wears the number 21 on his shirt

Why is arsenal called the arsenal?

they were original a army team

What team is Lacazette in?


What was gervinho team before arsenal?

Gervinho was at Lille, a team in France, before his move to Arsenal in 2011.

Where do the arsenal football team come from?

where does the arsenal foot ball come from

Which Premiership team has an all foreign team?


What is the Arsenal News and what does it cover?

The Arsenal News covers stories related to the Arsenal football team, one of England's soccer teams. Arsenal News publishes information about the team, its players, schedule, results and history.

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