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Q: What number did jordan use when 23 wasn't availuable?
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Why can't anyone use the number 23 in the NBA?

Because Michael Jordan is awesome

What is Micheal Jordan's phone number?

Michael Jordan is a famous athlete best known for his NBA records. Due to his high celebrity level, Michael does not release his phone number for public use.

What number did Michael Jordan use in collage?

Michael Jordan's first pick was number 45, however that was already taken. His plan was to split it in half, which of course is 22.5, and from there he estimated to 23. He used this number all through high school and college. He then went on to use it in the NBA as well.

How where phons use in march 1879?

wasnt none

Why did Jordan choose the 23 for his signature number?

jordans older brother Larry use to wear the #45, Jordan wanting to be like his brother wanted to wear the same number which was already taken. so he split the number in half which is 22 1/2. there is no such number in basketball so he took 23.

How do you get Michael Jordan in nba 2k11?

You can get Michael Jordan if you complete the Jordan challenge. You can use him in an exhibition match etc.

Did the Mexicans use donkeys as artillery?

yes, they did because there tecknolagy wasnt that good

What kind of money does Jordan use?


How do you unlock Micheal Jordan in nba 2k11?

You can finish the Jordan challenge or you can use a cheat 'icanbe23'.

How do you unlock Micheal Jordan on nba2k11 on psp?

You have to finish the Jordan Challenge. You can use the cheat.....icanbe23.

What did they used to use in the 1800's instead of microwaves?

NO! there wasnt much of elecrticity yet.

Can you play as Jordan in the association mode in NBA2K11?

No you can not you can only play as Jordan when you finish the Jordan challenge and unlock the mode or use a cheat to unlock the mode.

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