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No you can not you can only play as Jordan when you finish the Jordan challenge and unlock the mode or use a cheat to unlock the mode.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:42:43
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Q: Can you play as Jordan in the association mode in NBA2K11?
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How do you unlock mj in nba2k11?

You do not unlock him. You unlock the mode to play as him in a team as a rookie, it's called mj creating a legend. You can't as him in the association or an exhibition match.

How do you play as Micheal Jordan on the bulls on nba2k11 for psp?

You have to play an exhibition match. His team should be there by default.

How do you play the Jordan challenge in nba2k11?

It is in the main menu, there are ten challenges you complete before you can unlock 'mj creating a legend'. You should be able to find this mode in the main menu of the game.

How do you use Michael Jordan in a season for nba2k11 ps2?

The only way is to create him, put him on a team and play the season (new).

Is Michael Jordan going to be on nba2k11?

No, the reason is because he's the greatest basketball player to ever play and it would show no respect for him(in my opinion).

How do you call plays in nba2k11 for my player mode?

On xbox 360 you press right on the d-pad on select your play. If you don't know look in the booklet or manual.

Can you play with a customized team in nba2k11 season mode?

In past games i have successfully customised the team and played it in the season but im not quite sure in 2k11. You should be able though.

How do you activate the secondary weapons in MetroidPrime Hunters in story mode or in multiplayer mode?

i have the game but don't know how to play it. by Jordan jemison

How do you play in the playoffs on nba2k11?

You have to make the playoffs. In the seasons you have to have a good win record.

Can you get lennny bias on nba2k10 or nba2k11?

I think he is on 2k10 because when i play 2k11 he is not there..

What is a website where you can play nba 2k11 free?

You can download it at

Can you play player vs player on NBA2k11?

you can play player vs. player on nba2k11 by just plugging in two controllers then go to quick game and there will be one red controller and one blue controller on the screen

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