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Q: What nba team never made a buzzer beater?
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Was Michael Jordan on a ncaa championship team?

yea dont you know the buzzer beater for the win

Has a number 15 team ever won against a number 2 team?

Yes last year No. 12 WKU beat No. 5 Drake on a buzzer beater.

What is the least amount of time on the clock where a team has had a buzzer beater?

Not sure what the least amount of time was, but in order for the basket to count it has to be released before .3 (3/10) sencond left on the clock

In Futsal can you score on the whistle - we played a game and we scored exactly when the whistle was blown - the ball was still in play before the goal?

If the futsal court is set up properly, there will be a clock with an automatic buzzer. If there is no buzzer, the referee will keep the time, and use his whistle instead of a buzzer. In either case, the rule is the same.If you are familiar with basketball, the "buzzer-beater" rule is essentially the same: if the ball is played before the buzzer sounds, the goal will count if it goes in. If there is any intervening play that is not a deliberate save, or if the ball touches or is played again by any member of the attacking team, it will not count.

Is the Denver Nuggets a good team?

They are an okay team. They have never made it to the finals.

Which nba team has never made the playoffs?


Who gets the ball after halftime in basketball?

the team who last had the ball before the buzzer sounded

Which Harry Potter characters were on the Quidditch team?

On the Gryffindor Quidditch Team: Harry Potter--Seeker Oliver Wood--Keeper Angelina Johnson--Chaser Alicia Spinnet--Chaser Katie Bell--Chaser Fred Weasley--Beater George Weasley--Beater Jimmy Peakes--Beater Ritchie Coote--Beater Jack Sloper--Beater Ginny Weasley--Chaser/Seeker Demelza Robins--Chaser Ron Weasley--Keeper Cormac McLaggen--temporary Keeper Slytherin Quidditch Team: Draco Malfoy--Seeker Marcus Flint--Chaser Warrington--Chaser Montague--Chaser Derrick--Beater Bole--Beater Vincent Crabbe--Beater Gregory Goyle--Beater Adrian Pucey--Chaser Miles Bletchley--Keeper Terence Higgs--Seeker Vaisey--Chaser Harper--Seeker Urquhart--Chaser Hufflepuff Quidditch Team: Cedric Diggory--Seeker Zacharias Smith--Chaser Cadwallader--Chaser Ravenclaw Quidditch Team: Cho Chang--Seeker Roger Davies--Chaser Bradley--Chaser

What NFL team has never made it to the postseason?

Houston Texans

What does a Beater do on the Quidditch team?

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Who is Jimmy Peakes?

Jimmy Peakes was a Beater on the Gryffindor house team during the 1996-1997 school year.

Which NFL team has never made the playoffs?

As of the 2008 season, that would be the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans As of the start of the 2008 season there is only one team that has never made the playoffs and that is the Houston Texans.

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