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When building muscle, its best to work all muscle groups. But a lot of times coaches are biased on how much you can bench... Bench pressing can screw up your joints in your shoulders, so do all kinds of workouts for all muscle groups.

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Q: What muscles help you get better at football?
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What muscles help you dribble in football?

big muscles

How do strong muscles help you look better and prevent health problems?

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What do your muscles do?

help you lift weights and stuff but its better to take steriods

What exercise do you use to alleviate sore muscles?

Stretching is a good way to help sore muscles to feel better.

Explain muscles used in throwing a football?

Shoulder muscles are used when throwing a football. They give the arm support and are needed during the actual throw. In the throwing motion the triceps and biceps are used. The core muscles are used to help the thrower stay balanced.

Do football gloves help you catch?

Football gloves do help you catch. They help you to have a better grip. The gloves also help your hands stay warmer when you play in cold weather.

What muscles are used when snapping a football?

The muscles that are used when snapping a football are all in the arm. More specifically, the forearm muscles are heavily used.

What muscles do they use in football?

arm muscles and leg muscles. triceps and biceps are examples

How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

Is there a fee to join the Fulham Football Club?

"Yes, there is indeed a fee to join the Fulham Football Club. The fee is to help the Fulham Football team buy new equipment and help the have a better football team."

How can yoga help to have a better fitness?

Yoga can help help you have better fitness in a very obvious, yet important way. Yoga is meant to stretch your muscles and get them working. This will help them grow stronger for fitness.

How do muscles help with movement?

Muscles help alot with your movement.Your muscles have to be able to hold your weight.Like in your forearm.Your muscles are a big help to your movements.

What muscles are used when punting a football?

most importantly your calf muscles

Are there any human medications to help your dogs muscles and joints and to walk better?

Ask your vet!

Which muscles help you move when you want to?

The muscles that help you move when you want to are called voluntary muscles.

What muscles are used when kicking a football?

Your Leg Muscles XD Every1 Knows That!

How can drugs affect football?

Some drugs help the players get better but most are illegal

What muscles used for American football?

Most of them.

What are the muscles used when throwing a football?


What sports uses core muscles?


Which is better football or rugby?

Football is the better sport

Which muscles help with movement?

Skeletal Muscles

Do football players or gymnasts have bigger muscles?

Football Unless your Aly Raisman

Who has more muscles a football player or a gymnast?

The gymnast have more muscles but the foot ball player has bigger muscles.

What do muscles help you do?

Muscles help you move around and perform daily activities.