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Your heart! It's your most important muscle by far, and the most neglected. Distance running is great for your heart! Heart disease is the #1 killer in the U.S. right now. However, I would not classify running in general as a muscle "builder" (even for the heart). Distance running is a low intensity aerobic exercise by definition, and as such does not stimulate hypertrophy (muscle building) to any great extent. You will however gain endurance in your legs, lower back, butt, calves, and even shoulder and neck!

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Q: What muscles do you build while running distance?
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What muscles are used while running?

Mostly your Quad muscles

How do you build abb muscles?

you can build your abb muscles by doing sit ups and abb workouts also you can flex your abbs while you run or walk

What muscles are active while running?

Your triceps and biceps. Your calfs and thigh muscles. there, i think, are muscles in your tourso that are active. then your heart and lungs.

What are all the muscles used for running?

I think it would be difficult to find a muscle that is not in use while running

If you haven't exercised for a while and you get tired after running just a km will regular exercise get you fit again so you can run furthur?

Absolutely. As you keep running more and more your endurance increases and you get more fit. If you get tired after running just a km, then your muscles are not yet ready for running. You need to build them slowly.

Who many muscles work while running?

Quite a few muscles go to work while running. While there are the obvious muscles (Such as calf, thigh, hip, and hamstrings) other muscles are subtly at work also. The abdominal muscles are slightly worked, along with the arms and back muscles. The arms are constantly swinging, going against air friction/wind during the run. Your back helps keep you in the upright position and is constantly shifting while you take each step. So pretty much your entire body goes to work while running (even your toes which push you off the ground). Hope that helped :)

Do you use your arm muscles while running?

Swinging your arms to counterbalance the movement of your legs, yes.

How do you shape too skinny legs?

You do excersise to build muscle. Ballet, cycling, walking and running are great for this. You can also rise on to your tippy-toes and stay there for a while to help develop those leg muscles.

Why stomach pain occur while running?

Pain in the stomach while running is called a side stitch. This may be due to membranes and muscles rubbing against each other.

Can you build muscles while losing weight?

If you do some kind of excercising program like insanity or P90X, then yes.

Does Guitar Hero build muscle?

After a while it helps your finger and hand muscles. It can also build forearm muscle after extensive playing on higher levels and harder songs.

What mechanics make an eagle fly?

Their pectrol muscles move their wings up and down while running to create lift.

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