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you use almost every major muscle in your body to throw a football

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Q: What muscles are used to throw a football?
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What parts of the body is used to throw a football?

Arm, core muscles, and Legs.

Explain muscles used in throwing a football?

Shoulder muscles are used when throwing a football. They give the arm support and are needed during the actual throw. In the throwing motion the triceps and biceps are used. The core muscles are used to help the thrower stay balanced.

What are the muscles used to throw a football?

Internal rotators and flexors of the shoulder, extensors of the elbow

What muscles do you use to throw a football?

Arm mucles

What muscles are used in discus throwing?

Many muscles are used to throw a discus. The quads are used for power and stability, the abs are used for turning and gaining power, the muscles in the arm are used during the actual throw.

What muscles are used when snapping a football?

The muscles that are used when snapping a football are all in the arm. More specifically, the forearm muscles are heavily used.

What muscles are used to throw a shot put?

bum muscles

What upper body muscles are used in a softball throw?

The major muscles are Latissimus dorsi, core muscles, Shoulders and the minor muscles used are triceps and forearm.

What muscles are used when punting a football?

most importantly your calf muscles

What muscles are used to throw Hammer?

groin mainly

What muscles are used when kicking a football?

Your Leg Muscles XD Every1 Knows That!

What muscles used for American football?

Most of them.

What are the muscles used when throwing a football?


What arm muscles are used in your arm when you throw something?


Three parts of the foot used for passing a football?

Actually there's only one part used to throw the football. It's the "strings", otherwise known as the thread. You grip those correctly and you can throw the football efficiently.

What Muscles are used for the hammer throw?

lying in the same straight line:)

Muscles used in basketball three throw?

legs, arms, eye

What are the muscles used in football?


What muscles are used in underarm throwing?

The whole body is actually used to do an underarm throw. However, when it comes to arm muscles, the latissimus dorsi is the main muscle used in underarm throwing.

How do you throw a football really far?

Lift weights that will improve your upper body strength. Throwing a football far does not just include arm muscles but pecks as well as your torso.

What are the main muscles used to throw a javelin?

your deltoids are mainly used to throw the javelinif you dont know what deltoids are they are your shoulders

Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

What muscles help throw a dodge ball?

Many muscles are involved in throwing a dodge ball. Your back muscles, all of your arm muscles and some of your stomach muscles. Even muscles from your legs may be used depending on how hard you are throwing it.

What muscles do are used as a running back in football?

we use our quadriceps and our hamtrings

What are the muscles used to make a football tackle?

its the arms and core sections.