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the muscles you use are your fore arms, biceps, and triceps. when you dribble it you are using your triceps to push it down and your forearms to stabilize it. when the ball bounces off the floor and into your hand again you are using your biceps because they move back. your forearms actually act as stabilizers.
you use your toe muscles

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This question is a bit confusing because bones have joints, muscles do not. For the most part your elbow is involved, but you also use your shoulder and wrist to dribble.

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Your boner.

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Q: What muscles are used for dribbling a basketball?
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When was dribbling added to basketball?

Dribbling was added to basketball on May 14, 1953.

What strategies can be used for dribbling techniques in basketball?

Dribble a tennis ball

Is dribbling a basketball a force?

no dribbling bouncy balls is though

What muscles and bones are used in basketball?

The wrist joint and several bones related to the joint (radius, ulna, carpals, metacarpals) are necessary for dribbling a basketball, in addition to the elbow joint. Muscles like the deltoid, bicep, and tricep are also utilized in dribbling. The hip, knee, and ankle joints are also key for running. Jumping utilizes the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus Maximus. The trapezius and the deltoid, meanwhile, are the main should muscles used to shoot. Other important shooting muscles include the pectoral muscles, the hand muscles, and quadriceps.

What skills are used in basketball after you stop dribbling the ball?

pivit, shoot or pass

How speed is used in basketball?

Speed in basketball is used for the throwing of the ball and the speed of the player running or dribbling with the ball. :)

Is dribbling basketball in neighborhood legal or illegal?

Done by: basketball GiRl

Will dribbling with a golf ball everyday like a basketball improve your point guard skills?

Not much, if at all. Dribbling with a golf ball requires different hand movements and grips than if you were dribbling a basketball. Dribbling a basketball everyday or a soccer ball would work, but not so much a golf ball.

What is basketball handling?

Basketball handling is also called dribbling. But handling is more than that. Its about the skill of dribbling. Like cross-overs, spiders etc. To make this less confusing its basically fancy dribbling.

In Basketball what does bouncing the ball mean?


What to paratice at home for basketball?

Dribbling and shooting.

When did dribbling enter basketball?