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Q: What moves do you need coordination for in gymnastics?
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How does coordination help you in gymnastics?

donkey balls

What are the sports that uses coordination?

They all do. In fact, a person can't move without neuromuscular coordination.

What does gymnastics do for you?

Most say that gymnastics the foundation for most sports. Gymnastics helps to grow strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

What do gymnastics stunts help develop?

Gymnastics helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Is more than gymnastics a good place?

yes,because gymnastics help you to improve/develop your agility,coordination & balance.

Why is coordination used in sport?

You need it in gymnastics, soccer, Basketball, and football. those are the main ones that you need good cordination in.. ping pong to!

Why gymnastics is a sport?

The defficlty of the moves performed

What is a sequnce in gymnastics?

gymnastics moves that are joined together, they have to flow between each one though

What can you get in participating in gymnastics?

Strength, Coordination, Discipline, Skills, just like in any other sport.

Can coordination be learned?

Most certainly YES!!! Enter a gymnastics program and watch yourself improve.

What does symmetry in gymnastics?

I believe that symmetry in sports means that when doing sports you need balance in moves and techniques to reach your fullest potential.

Does gymnastics help you become a better athlete?

I feel it does because it helps with your coordination. My dad has coached high school and more recently youth basketball for about 20 years, and he swears that gymnastics training helps with coordination, even if its only for a year or two. Gymnastics requires you to be athletic so most gymnasts are generally fair athletes.