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Well there are a couple of things I would say to you. Are you the 7 handicapper? In which case I would suggest that you should be able to pick them for yourself, because you are a decent player. And are you limited to Mizuno clubs? What I would say is go to your local Golf shop and get custom fit, this will tell you which clubs and which specs suit your game the best. Mizuno irons look fantastic, but are not always that forgiving, especially the blade versions. You may find that at 7 you may still have the odd bad strike so a forgiving iron would be ideal.

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Q: What mizuno golf club irons are best suited for a 7 handicap golfer?
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Which mizuno irons does luke donald play?

Mizuno MP 59. He switched from the MP 63 to the 59 late last year

Which blade irons are the most forgiving?

While forgiving blade irons are typically different for each person, there are a few which are known for being excellent and forgiving blade irons. VR blades, Titleist 690MBS, Mizuno MP32, and Mizuno MP 33's are some of the top picks.

How do you think Mizuno MP-59 and 69 irons?

They are the new golf equipment have come into the market. Where? have offered the Mizuno MP-69 lrons now. You will have the new feeling on golf games. Buy Mizuno MP-69 lrons at Mizuno MP-69 lrons are suitable for all periods of people. New golf clubs sets.Mizuno are widely-regarded as one of the best when it comes to irons, and their new Mizuno MP-69 lrons blades appeal to the better player.In terms of looks, the Mizuno MP-69 lrons are as visually-pleasing as their predecessors but there is certainly an larger element of forgiveness about the new clubs, in spite of their bladed appearance.Mizuno MP-59 lrons have been launched. Mizuno has forged a titanium pad into the back of the head using the weight saved by this move to improve forgiveness. Mizuno's Grain Flow forged feel and classic shallow cavity design will attract many low and mid handicap players. The Mizuno MP-59 irons will hit the shelves in Autumn 2011.

Would winter hard ground conditions ruin your forged Mizuno irons?

Not unless you really abused them.

How old are mizuno shadow ht golf irons?

67 years old

Are mizuno mp 58 irons blades?

The Mizuno MP-58 irons with revolutionary DUAL MUSCLE TITANIUM Technology! Classic muscleback player's iron with just a hint of a cavity that harks back to an earlier time; thin head squares up easily to the target. Source from

What do professional golfer's call their cliubs?

Sticks, clubs, weapons, irons, drivers, wedges, putters.

Do Mizuno MX25 irons conform to the new USGA grooves rule?

The groove rule does not affect amateur golfers until 2024, so the MX25s are legal for play until then. However, they are not legal on professional tours.

Where can one find Mizuno irons?

If you want any kind of golfclub, the best idea is to find a local golf/sports-store. If you are looking exactly for Mizuno, try and head to their own site and order from there.

Are there any irons that are suited for both left-handed and right-handed golfers?

Irons are made in either left or right handed not both.

What is special about Callaway Fusion Irons?

Callaway fusion irons are used in golfing. They are known as having a large head on them, making them easy to hit a ball. They also help with unwanted vibrations and are great for persons with a higher handicap.

Does Tiger Woods use mizuno mp14?

Tiger used the MP14 as ana amateur. He signed with Titleist when he turned pro and the irons he used looked exactly like the MP14s, but had "Titleist" stamped in them. Compare the the VR blades to the MP14s and you will see shocking similarities. Mizuno makes a darn iron.