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Tiger used the MP14 as ana amateur. He signed with Titleist when he turned pro and the irons he used looked exactly like the MP14s, but had "Titleist" stamped in them. Compare the the VR blades to the MP14s and you will see shocking similarities. Mizuno makes a darn iron.

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Q: Does Tiger Woods use mizuno mp14?
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Does Tiger Woods use mizuno?

He currently uses Nike. Although, he did use Mizuno in his younger years, including winning his first US Masters (even though being signed to Titleist). He changed to Titleist clubs after the 1997 season.

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What irons did Tiger Woods use to win his first Masters?

He uses Nike Victory Red TW Blades. They are forged blades by Nike Golf.

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It is the type of ball he uses. He uses the 'Nike ONE Tour TW'. Plenty of Nike Players use this ball, but it was designed for Tiger Woods because he is world number one and the best player in the world.

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