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Italy is really famous for soccer. A lot of people in Europe enjoy soccer, because it's what they grow up doing. The girls pro Italian soccer team is not very good, but over the years the boys team has been very good.

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Q: What are some sport in Italy that is a major industy?
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What are some major cities in Italy?

Some major cities in Italy are Rome, Milan, and Naples.

What are some popular sports in Italy?

one popular sport in Italy is soccer

What are some major celebration for Italy?

some major celebrations in Italy are Christmas.also their major religon is christainty and they speak Italianfrom candy heart

What are three major cities in Italy?

Italy is filled with many major beautiful cities. Some of the larger cities in Italy include:RomeMilanNaplesFlorenceVeniceVerona

What are some of Italy's major cities?

The major cities in Italy are Naples, Rome, Milan, Turin and Palermo.

What are some major industries in Italy?


What are Italy's Major land features?

Some of Italy's Major land features can include but are not limited to things such as mountains and plains and some of the restaurants that they have there.

What are some bodies of water in florence Italy?

major landmarks in italy florence

What sport originated from Italy?

I am Italian and I think that soccer was originated in Italy. I did some research and i could not find much

What are some major industries and products of Italy?


What are some major events in Italy's history?

they had people live there.

What are some major events that happen in Italy?

Who cares bbrah

Who are some major sport winners in the us this year?

Hockey: Redwings

What are some major highways in Italy?

Jandice Corla ERNDAY opi

What are some major geographic features of Italy?

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What are some major historical events that happened in Italy?

Who cares bbrah

What are some major events that have happened in Italy's history?

founding of rome

What are some major jobs in Italy?

Some of the most demanding jobs in Italy are related to these lines of work below.EngineeringAccounting & FinanceSales & MarketingCultural AdviceGeneral Business.

What are some major deserts of Italy?

Italy has some areas that are relatively dry, especially in the shadow of the Appenines, but none of them are arid enough to qualify as deserts.

What were some major rulers and military leaders in Italy?

Some of the leaders of Italy are Benito Mussoloni, Sylvino Beruscloni. Let us not forget about Guissepe Garibaldi.

What is Italy's common sport?

Some of the most popular sports are soccer, cycling, formula one racing and basketball.

What are some major landforms in Italy?

Major Italian landforms: Alps Mountains, the Apennines, Tiber river, and the Po River

What are some major religious beliefs in Italy?

The most major one one is catholic, and I belive about 85.6% of the population is catholic.

What are some popular sports in Itlay?

soccer is a popular sport in italy. im pretty sure there is more but i think soccer is the main one. Lacrosse is another sport they play.

What are similarities and differences that Italy and new zealand have?

Italy has more cheese and wine those are the major things in Italy compare to new Zealand all the cheese we get is imported from Italy so are some wine.