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spinning ball

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Q: What makes tennis more aerodynamic?
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What makes things more aerodynamic?


How is a fighter jet aerodynamic?

The shape of the aircraft makes it aerodynamic.

What in a tennis ball?

Tennis balls are hollow. The skin made out of two hemisphere bits of rubber and two dog boned shaped fur, which help make the ball more aerodynamic.

What makes a blue jay aerodynamic?

his dick

What makes cars streamlined?

Their shape and aerodynamic efficiency makes them streamlined.

What the use of blended wing in aircraft?

A wing blended in with fuselage makes a much more aerodynamic and efficient design.

How can you use the word aerodynamic in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The new plane is more aerodynamic than the old one.That car is designed to be aerodynamic to conserve gas.Birds are aerodynamic.

Can you give me a sentence using the aerodynamic?

I'll pursue a more aerodynamic design, sir.

Why are bullets shaped like cones?

They are not shaped like cones, but their shape makes them more aerodynamic which increases flight speed and distance.

What is less aerodynamic?

when you say less aerodynamic, it refers to the motion of the object passing through the vacuum or space.. less motion it means more air drag.. so it called less aerodynamic. more aerodynamic is the inerse mening of less .. obviously.

What does it mean to say you can be aerodynamic?

aerodynamic |ˌe(ə)rōdīˈnamik|adjectiveof or relating to aerodynamics : aerodynamic forces.• of or having a shape that reduces the drag from air moving past : the plane has a more aerodynamic shape.

What does spin do to a football do?

the spin of a football makes the football more aerodynamic, meaning that it can go farther than with out the spin by "cutting" through the air

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