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maybe it is tennis because it makes you run around a lot.

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Q: What sport is better to lose more calories football or ice skating or tennis?
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What kind of sports did Russia have?

Figure skating,Ice skating,Basketball,Baseball,Football,Soccer and Tennis.

What are Romania's sports or recreational activities?

Football, ski, swimming, trekking, tennis, table tennis, ice skating, cross, etc.

List of individual and dual sports?

Some individual and dual sports are: table tennis cycling skating shooting tennis football snooker.

What is better football or tennis?

depends. we all have are personal opinion. I like tennis. but that's just me.

What where the sports and hobbies during the 1910-1919?

sports are golf,tennis,boxing,baseball,football,cricket,and figure skating

Top 30 Sports?

Football Soccer Basketball Hockey baseball Softball Tennis cricket ski......Skating Roller Blading

What are all the events at olympic games?

cycling,golf,skating,tennis, canoe kayak,athletics swimming,football,badminton,taekwndo

What sports are in US?

Archery, Roller Skating, Basketball, Football, Skiing, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading, Tennis, Track, Ultimate Frisbee, etc.

What burns off the most calories gymnastics or tennis?

tennis burns off the most calories

Different types of sport?

Soccer. Volleyball. Basketball. Baseball. Tennis. Football. Swimming. Skiing. Snowboarding. Gymnastics. Lacrosse. Water Polo. Ice Skating.

Which is heavier football or tennis ball?

A football weighs more than a tennis ball.

Which sports are better in 2010?

I think Cricket, hockey, football, tennis and many other sports.

What sport does china play?

Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Curling, Figure skating, Football (soccer), Golf, Motor racing, Rugby Union, Snooker, Table tennis (Ping Pong) and Tennis.

What sort of sports did they have in 1904?

Football, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, figure skating, golf, horse racing, ice hockey, motor racing, rowing, rugby, speed skating, tennis. Click on the link below for more information.

Does Cheerleading burn more calories than tennis?

No, tennis would burn more calories over the course of an hour.

Do more people watch tennis or football?

either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

National Sport of Russia?

Tennis, Figure Skating, Boxing and Wrestling.

Who won the mens title in 1961?

in what-boxing,tennis,ice-skating?

What were the women's events at the 1908 Olympics?

Archery, figure skating and tennis

What sports did Americans play in the 1800s?

Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Motor Racing, Speed Skating, Tennis, and Yacht Racing

Are cricket football and tennis from Australia?

Only football is

Which has more mass football or a tennis ball?


How many calories do you burn playing Nintendo Wii tennis or bowling?

You burn about 5.3 calories per minute playing Wii Tennis.

Where does NFL rank among popular sports?

all time its Baseball, football, American football, basketball, tennis for right now its Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis if there is a lockout for football it will be Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, croquet, then American football.

What are some national sports in Russia?

Tennis, Figure skating, Boxing, and Wrestling