What makes gymnastics?

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The thing that makes gymnastics what it is today are strong men and women who are willing to try their best no matter what. Sometimes they fall on their face or go into an awquard position but they still do it.

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Q: What makes gymnastics?
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Is gymnastics good for your body?

Gymnastics helps burn calories and makes you much move flexible.

Why do guys not listen to music in gymnastics?

their gymnastics floor isn't exactly supposed to be graceful, but in women's gymnastics, grace makes all the better!

How does gymnastics benefit the human body?

It makes you flexable.

Is gymnastics good for kids?

yes , because it makes you stronger

Is it true gymnastics makes your muscles smaller?

Yes because I did gymnastics and now my muscles can't handle 60 lbs

How can one improve his coordination when in gymnastics?

to improve gymnastics you need to stick in and keep practising as the saying means 'practise makes perfect'

How does doing gymnastics effect you with your muscles?

it makes your muscles strong to build strength

What is pointed toes in gymnastics?

Pointed toes in gymnastics is when you extend your toes as far away from your leg as possible. The toes will squeeze together naturally some, and the foot will have an arc shape to them. Pointed toes makes an entire leg look more extended and makes for better form while performing in gymnastics.

Why do girls like gymnastics?

they like gymnastics because it could teach them some things how to move in different ways to show off and it makes you alot stronger.

Why do you need flexibility in gymnastics?

you dont necessarily need to be flexible to be a gymnast i am a level 7 in gymnastics and i cant touch my toes but being flexible makes it easier

What makes you smile beginning with G?

· gifts · giraffe · granny · guitar play · gymnastics

Why can't you swim before a gymnastics meet?

You cant swim before a Gymnastics Meet because you get water in your ears and the water makes you unbalanced. Thats what my coach told me.

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