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pleasant voice, knowledgeable and doesnt have an annoying catch phrase

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Q: What makes a good sports commentary?
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Who makes the odds for sports?

probably a sports analyst. Anyway they're good

How is sports good exercise?

it makes you fit and healthy.

Examples of commentary?

Commentary involves a person narrating the action. A great example of commentary would be sports announcers. They recap the action virtually as it happens.

Can you pee out the stuff in your blood that makes you good at sports?

No. What makes you good at sports is not in your blood, so you can't lose it by urinating or bleeding. What makes you potentially good at sports is favorable conditions in your musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles), coupled with favorable conditions in your neuromuscular system (nerves and muscles) and in your brain.

How does sportsmanship affect sports?

Sportsmanship affects sports positively. Good sportsmanship makes players feel good about themselves and their efforts. This causes people playing those sports to feel good about each other.

Why are sports good for the human character?

It builds up confidence, makes you fit and makes you more sociable.

Where and how to download ea sports cricket 2007 commentary File?

from ur choot

What sports need commentary?

Almost every sportTennisFootball/SoccerRugbyHorse RacingFormula OneAnd so on...

Did bob griese die?

No, he's still actively doing sports commentary as of December 2009.

Do sports reporters need any special licensing?

Reports and commentary would likely include mention and photographs of professional sports teams, players and logos.

What makes your school sports improve?

Click the link in related links. It is a guide with some good advice in it:)

Why is important to consume a healthy diet?

because it dont make you fat it makes your body good for sports