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probably a sports analyst. Anyway they're good

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Q: Who makes the odds for sports?
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Where can one find free and live NFL football odds?

There are a few places that offer free NFL Football Odds, including SBR Forum, Doc Sports, Maddux Sports, Valley Sports, Bettors World, Odds Shark, and Football Locks.

What sites offer NCAA basketball odds?

There are some sites that offer NCAA basketball odds. These sites include Vegas Insider, CBS Sports, Rivals, Odds Shark, Bovada, as well as Maddux Sports, etc.

Where can someone go to find NBA odds?

NBA odds can be found on the Oddschecker website as well as Yahoo Sports, Doc Sports and Vegas Insider. These websites do not allow you to place bets, only to find out what the current odds being offered.

How is probobility used insports?

One way that probability is used in sports is to determine the odds of something. For example the odds of winning the game or the odds of a play being successful.

Where can you get the best odds on baseball?

There are many sites that provide a listing of odds on baseball sporting events. Some of the most credible are Odds Portal, Maddux Sports and Gooners Guide.

About 35 percent of U.S adults attended a sports event during the previous year. What are the odds that a randomly selected U.S adult attended a sports event during the year?

Probably the same odds.

What is self sacrifice in sports?

Diving for the ball or going for it against all odds.

Where can one find fixed betting odds?

One can find fixed better odds at websites that have to do with sports. ESPN, and several other sites have been known to provide the odds of winning a game.

Where can a person go to find basic tips on odds in betting?

Sience 1 year i am thankful of combo-tips . com following i am greatful

What are some famous sports bet services?

One of the most famous betting service is BetFred who offer great odds on all sports. Other notable betting services include Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill. They all offer great odds on all sports.

Where can one view live NCAA football odds?

The odds for sports can often be found via gambling websites who often determine their own odds for the purposes of betting. Otherwise, a local gaming facility should have the appropriate informations regarding the odds.

Where can one find the best sports bets?

According to an article on the Online Gambling Bible website, the best sports betting odds for 2013 are to be found on Bet 365. Oddschecker is also an online tool for comparing betting odds.

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