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Q: What major league baseball team has won the most games ever?
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What was Joe DiMaggio's major accomplishments?

Has the longest hit streak ever recorded by a major league baseball player at 55 games

Did a major league baseball team ever lose all 16 of its games to a division rival in one season?


When was the first ever Major League game ever played in Spain?

No regular season Major League baseball game has ever been played in Spain.

Did women ever played Major League Baseball?

no but women did have there own major league baseball called the aapgbl it existed from 1943-1954

Was there ever a Major League Baseball manager who had never played in the Major League Baseball himself?

Jim Riggleman (Nationals 09,10 manager)

Who is the worst major league baseball player ever?

barry bonds

Who is the heaviest Major League Baseball player ever?

Walter Young

Was there ever a cricket player to play Major League Baseball?


Has Major League baseball ever moved the foul lines out and then back in?


Was submarine pitching ever banned in major league baseball?


How many major league baseball players have ever played?


What is minor league baseball?

minor league baseball is one level lower than major league baseball but they still pay good if you ever make it

Has a Major League Baseball team ever gone 162 0?

No, but i do beleive that the longest winning streak ever for MLB was 31 games straight, by the Oakland A's

Was there ever a major league baseball franchise named the Deep Blues?

No, never.

Has any coach ever coached in the NFL and Major League Baseball?


What is the most strikes ever thrown in a major league baseball game?


Who is the best major league baseball player ever?

Derek Jeter Go YANKS

Did Derek Jeter ever pitch in the Major League Baseball?

no he never pitched in the MLB

Has anyone ever been ejected from the major league baseball all-star game?


Has there ever been all left handed players in a major league baseball game?


Was Oliver Bennett a baseball pitcher in 1900s?

No one with that exact spelling has ever played Major League baseball.

Has there ever been a switch pitcher in Major League Baseball?

no yet but there is one in college 2008

What is the best 12 game start ever by a team in Major League Baseball?

11 -1

Has anyone ever pitched more than one perfect game in major league baseball?

No. There have been 20 perfect games thrown by 20 different pitchers.

Has a baseball team ever win more than 100 games?

Many major league teams have won 100 games in a season. The most wins ever in the National League was 116 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs and the most in the American League was 111 by the Cleveland Indians in 1954. The last team to win 100 games was the Philadelphia Phillies with 102 in 2011.