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Q: What is the jersey color of the Brazilian football team?
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What is the jersey color of the Italian football team?


Did the Irish football team ever beat the Brazilian football team?


Who is the Brazilian football team manager?

Carlos Dunga is currently the Brazilian manager.

What is the shirt color of German football team?

The shirt or jersey colours for the German team is white with black shorts.

What football team does Ronaldinio play for?

He plays for the Brazilian team Atlético Mineiro and also for the Brazilian national team as a forward

Do Brazilian football players get paid for the national team?


What is the Brazilian football team's nickname?

They are called the 'Selecao'.

When was the Brazilian football team formed?

it is not carlos dunga

What is the name of the Brazilian football team captain?


Who is the out going Brazilian football team manager?

He is Carlos Dunga a former Brazilian captain.

What member of the Brazilian football team is not married?

Julio Baptista

Who wore Nebraska football jersey?

Nebraska football team

Does New Jersey have a football or basketball team?

The football team is the giants or the jets and the basketball team is the nets

What Brazilian football team does Harry Styles support?

manchester united

Is Fred from Brazilian football team Muslim?

Fred does identify himself as a Muslim.

What Football team does Ronaldinho play for?

Ronoldhino plays for the Brazilian club Fulminesee.

When was the last time the Brazilian men's football team beat the Netherlands?


What is New Jersey's football team?

The state of New Jersey does not have a professional football team. The closest NFL team to this state is the New York Giants or New York Jets.

Who was the captain for the 1994 football world cup winning Brazilian team?

Dunga was the Brazilian cup winner captain in 1994.

How many uniforms does a NFL football team have?

No more than three: a home jersey, a road jersey and a Throwback jersey from the team's past.

What is the Brazilian football team?

the national football side of Brazil who have won the FIFA world cup 5 times

What is the name of the New Jersey football team?

The New York Jets and New York Giants, they both share a stadium, and guess what, it's in New Jersey! There is no football team with a New Jersey name.

How many times Brazilian football team won gold medals in Olympics?


Is the Brazilian football team win more game at home again Argentina?


What should you get your football playing boyfriend for his 15th birthday?

A football jersey of his favorite team