What made venus and Serena Williams famous?

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Q: What made venus and Serena Williams famous?
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Did Serena and Venus' make it in the olymipics?

Serena and Venus made it to the olymipics

When did Serena Williams begin The Serena Williams foundation?

Yes they also made a movie called "Serena Williams Journey Back To Africa"

Who played tennis first Venus or Serena Willams?

Venus is elder and she made her professional debut in Tennis in 1994; while Serena made her debut in 1995.

Who has made the most money playing tennis?

sampras and serena williams

Who is an African American athlete that made a contribution to society?

Shaquille O'Neal, Arthur Ashe, Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Julius Erving, Serena and Venus Williams.

What changed Serena Williams for who she is and what made her want to be a Tennis Player?

Serena Became more independent and loves what she does. SHe just wants to help her father give her the dream she always wanted.

What made Serena Williams start playing tennis?

Her period ! She hated it so much she decides to belt some balls

Does Nike still sponsor Serena Williams?

I will never watch another Serena Williams tennis match, commercial, etc. She is a disgrace to American tennis and American women in general. I will neither purchase products made by those companies that endorse her behavior...Bruce Dan

How much money has Venus Williams made so far this year alone?

1,000,000,000,000 Dollars!!!

How did Serena Williams contribute to tennis?

She made women's tennis more aggressive and women started to hit harder and become more fit.

What made Sandro Botticelli famous?

Mostly his paintings "The Birth of Venus" and "Primavera."

Is Hayley Williams famous?

Hayley Williams is in a band called "Paramore". They also made two songs for the new film "Twilight"

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